Data and Technology: Driving Sustainability Forward

25 Sep 2019

When tapping into the areas of Sustainable Finance, investors are often confronted with the lack of reliable data. Emerging technology like blockchain is seen as a potential solution to this issue. We are thrilled to have a discussion with David Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Block Capital as well as a Top 50 Blockchain Influencer on CoinTelegraph, to share how we can close this data gap. In addition, we also discussed how millennials are driving sustainability through social media.     

In this exchange with David, we learned that one of the barriers businesses face in Green Finance is the lack of accurate data for investors to assess. Blockchain can be the answer. It guarantees the integrity of data because it is technically an immutable ledger, giving companies zero opportunity to manipulate it for their own benefit. Enabling investors to know the whereabouts of their capital is truly contributing to businesses that support sustainability for the greater good. It will take a while before this technology achieves mass adoption. Investors will need to know where and what to look for in order to make sound judgements about their investment and even ESG reporting. The sooner the industry can solve this issue, the faster we can achieve the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals. 


Furthermore, social media is shaping the conversation around sustainability. With digital technology, consumers are given a voice to share and the power to choose businesses that aligned with their beliefs. David stated, “If people have a coordinated effort of having an actual voice and opinion on a certain product or service a business provides, then at the end of the day, that voice becomes ever more so important. It could change from a material perspective to the revenue figures of a company.” As we understand, Millennials are taking up a significant role in driving businesses into more sustainable practices. We could not help but think if such efforts are driven by not only one generation but the many after and how fast we could transform industries for the better. 

At GoImpact Chats, we want to create dialogue that inspires people to take action and help spearhead the SDGs forward. Listen to the full episode here and follow us for upcoming episodes.