Scaling through purpose

26 Aug 2019

Some corporates see sustainability as a box-ticking exercise. Others see it as the future of business and try to seize the opportunity. With growing businesses across China, New World Development Company Limited (NWD) is not only a forerunner in real estate development, but also in pushing forward the sustainable agenda. We are lucky to chat with Ellie Tang, the group’s Head of Sustainability in the GoImpact Chats podcast. In this episode, we learn about the group’s journey and commitment to building a better society through innovation and sustainable growth. 

Listed companies in Hong Kong are required to comply with ESG reporting because of this process, NWD realizes how crucial sustainability is in the modern living culture and the corporate world. Inspired by the United Nations SDGs, the group debuted the New World Sustainability Vision 2030, where they pledge to deliver impactful products and services with green, wellness, smart and caring characteristics, creating shared value for stakeholders and the society.

In March 2019, the group launched the Green Finance Framework, which was developed to guide the funding of sustainable building development and enhancements through green bonds or loans. Under this program, NWD has successfully raised its first green loan and it will be used to support K11 ATELIER King’s Road, a green commercial redevelopment project in North Point, Hong Kong. This building has achieved some of the world’s first, such as WELL Building Standard Pre-certification (Platinum), BEAM Plus New Building Version 1.2 (Provisional Platinum) to name a few.

“It is definitely an ongoing journey. The trend is gaining momentum so fast, it needs multiple players from different regions to come together and decide on what makes sense.” Ellie shares, “We have to choose the most practical projects in order to capture real opportunities and materialize financial benefits and in turn, prompt more players to join this movement.”

At GoImpact, we cannot agree more that more players are needed to mobilize this agenda and bring real impact. Sustainability in Asia is still at its early stage. Listen to the full exchange here and discover more from Ellie. Subscribe and follow us for insight from more upcoming podcast guests.