Tech for Good is a force to be reckoned with

01 May 2017

Sustainable Development is no longer an option, but an imperative. In order to bridge the gap and bring real change, it is important to know its latest developments from leaders in this space. We are thrilled to introduce our podcast series, GoImpact Chats and had our inaugural episode on 9 May 2019.

If you are in the FinTech space in Asia you will know our first guest, Charles d’Haussy, Director of Strategic Initiatives from ConsenSys, an Ethereum blockchain solutions development studio.

In this episode, we chat with Charles on how blockchain is beyond cryptocurrencies with real applications on Tech For Good.


Manila Beach Clean Up, Powered By Bounties Network

ConsenSys launched a bounties network program in Manila — ‘Bounties for the Oceans: Philippines Pilot, Sustained, Verifiable Plastic Cleanups’. The campaign was funded by crowdsourcing participants, where they will be rewarded a levy via cryptocurrency ETH. Using blockchain technology, the bounties network was able to fund 50 participants to clean up the beach within two weeks.

This example demonstrates how effective it is to use the right technology, and showcases how blockchain can directly have a positive impact on the environment.


Retail Embracing Ethereum Network

Luxury retail behemoth Lane Crawford Joyce Group has partnered with ConsenSys to bring transparency to donation. A pop-up was held to collect past purchases from customers for reselling. Money raised was donated to the causes customers had selected to support, with each transaction indexed on Ethereum blockchain.

This is an excellent example of utilizing blockchain in Customer Relationship Management — not only bringing transparency to the process but also encourages philanthropy among customers. Customers will know their donation really went to charities, and the project also strengthens the trust between the brand and its community.


Governments Spearheading Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is gaining traction in the public sector. ConsenSys is proud to help bring this momentum forward by advising different governments on smart cities projects. Blockchain acts as a coordination technology that is transparent and reliable. Through government pilots, businesses and citizens are more willing to try the platform and voice their opinions. Qualitative data collected without tampering will enable proper research to be conducted. As a result, it will bring about better accuracy and more impactful solutions for society.

Charles hopes that blockchain will be invisible in the future for the end user. It will be the principal technology, acting as the ultimate in decentralized ledgers. As blockchain development is still at its early stage, more education and real applications are needed to showcase its full potential in order to reach mass adoption.


Above are just three Tech For Good examples Charles shared at his podcast. Tune in now if you are curious how blockchain is moving the needle in sustainable development. Exciting times we live in! Stay tuned for our next episode.