Big Data for ESG Investing

Webinar presented by CFA Institute and the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia

Big Data for ESG Investing


Impact-weighted accounting relies on data-mining and machine-learning technologies to scrape ESG information not only from company reports, but also from alternative data sources.

In this webinar, Haishan Wu, vice general manager of AI department at Webank, shares insights on how Webank leverages AI to generate proprietary real-time data for ESG investing from a variety of sources, including satellite images, media reporting, and social media sentiment.

The keynote speech is followed by a panel discussion.


  • Michelle Li, head of research, AMTD Group
  • Haishan Wu, PhD, vice general manager of AI department, Webank
  • Katherine Han, CFA, head of ESG research, Harvest Fund Management
  • Helene Li, Co-Founder and CEO of GoImpact; General Manager of Hong Kong FinTech Association
  • Alan Lok, CFA, director, ethics education and professional standards, Asia-Pacific, CFA Institute