Episode 5
10 Jul 2019
Reshaping the future of insurance
Featured Guest(s):
Nigel Walsh
Partner in Deloitte Digital
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As a Partner in Deloitte Digital, Nigel Walsh leads disruptive technology within insurance for the firm. You can hear him regularly on the InsurTech insider’s podcast where he co-hosts the show and read his insight where he has been selected as one of the many co-authors for the recent best-selling InsurTech book. Titled Frictionless Insurance in a Land of Utility, his chapter focuses on the intersection of customer experience and the rise of the sharing economy. Nigel has a background in end-to-end technology transformation for property and casualty from core systems through to digital transformation, robotics, and AI. He now leads the firm’s proposition for InsurTech disruptors and how they engage across the insurance sector and supports the enablement of new business models including the sharing economy.

In this episode, we chat with Nigel on some of the pain points insurance industry are facing and how InsurTech can solve it. Insurance providers need to provide value-added services and blur the lines between product silos to simplify insurance products and the purchasing process.

Another reason for the disruption is the customer experience (CX) that is lacking in the industry. Typically a customer gets asked, “What’s your policy number?” instead of asking for their name. It’s time to provide more sensitivity and human touch. To learn more, listen to our full episode on your preferred directory.

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Quotes from Nigel Walsh

“The market is still ripe for disruption I think, what I mean by that is, when I look at the clients and both the incumbents in the startups that I’m engaging with, there are still people piling in at a very fast pace and they believe that is still plenty of opportunities to go after.”

“I think the early day startups look at how we engage better, how do we fix the beautiful experiences that we come to expect experience in retail or elsewhere. Even in the fintech and banking world, they’re more transactional, you interact with them or look at your digital statements on a more regular basis. But this insurance thing, HA! I look at it once a year if I’m lucky or unlucky twice a year.”