Episode 4
18 Jun 2019
Building a sustainable future through artificial intelligence
Featured Guest(s):
Richard Peers
Senior Director Financial Services Industry at Microsoft
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Richard Peers leads Microsoft’s WW Industry team for Retail/Private and Wealth Banking. He has spent the last 22 years at Microsoft in sales, services and marketing leadership, with the last eight years deeply engaged with clients, Fintech’s and partners in Financial Services. Working on projects and engaging with leadership teams he brings an up to the minute insight on the vision and the practicalities of “Digital Banking Transformation”.

In order to mobilize more private capital to Sustainable Finance, it is important to close the data gap. More transparency is needed in order for people to understand and assess investments and corporate performance. ESG is one benchmark, but further framework is required. Technology like artificial intelligence can help and this is one of the many agendas Microsoft AI for Earth is trying to accomplish. They helped Ibercaja, a financial services company in Spain to assist farmers by saving millions of liters of water per year using cloud computing service and AI technology. This is just one initiative Richard and his team have worked on. To learn more, don’t miss this episode.

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Quotes from Richard Peers

“Since that time 2012, the program of carbon offset purchase just as one element of that, has resulted in about 3.3 million metric tons of carbon reduced or avoided, 8.2 million people helped through community benefits, and 5.1 million acres of forest or sensitive land protected.”

“It (IoT devices) provided the bank with a body of data. Then they can use machine learning to look at patterns, which they can use to improve the advice they can give.”