Episode 3
06 Jun 2019
Empowering children in developing countries through digital inclusion and tech for good
Featured Guest(s):
Sally Eaves
CEO and Founder at Aspirational Futures
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Sally Eaves is the CEO and Founder of Aspirational Futures, a Professor in Emergent Technologies and a Global Strategic Advisor on Digital Transformation specializing in the application of advanced technologies, notably blockchain and AI for both business and social impact. A highly experienced CTO, international keynote speaker and author, Sally was also an inaugural recipient of the Emergent Technology and Social Impact Award, recently presented at the United Nations.

In episode 3, Sally shared her insights on how to bridge the gap between talk and action in making an impact in education through adopting frontier technology. In her experience, people from different positions must come together and collaborate on ideas. Frontier technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Collectively, infrastructure problems such as limitations in accessing the internet and mobile technology must be addressed in tandem.

Inclusive education at an early age is another vital component. For instance, Sally worked on a project in India that addresses the problem of domestic literacy. By repurposing old mobile technology, children in low literacy households are able to improve their reading abilities despite the fact that many parents in India have low levels of literacy skills.

Another example is StorySign, a mobile application that enables children with deafness to learn sign language and have access to books. Powered by AI, it scans text from children’s books. Then an avatar will retell the story through sign language, making it engaging and easy for children to learn.

Tune in to this episode, to hear about her project with the United Nations and other key factors of impact.

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Quotes from Sally Eaves

“I want to massively build a legacy around Tech For Good. It is everything I believe, central to everything I have been doing in technology for a long period of time and incredibly close to my heart.”

“We need to be able to measure social impact and share best practices that can be made subconsciously.”